For four years, TMUK have worked with young people from the YMCA to provide valuable skills and experience that will help to get them into education or employment.

TMUK takes part in the Working Assets Programme (WAP), an initiative funded through the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' (SMMT) Charitable Trust, and delivered by the Foyer Federation.

The 6 month programme offers young people, who have faced challenging circumstances, an exciting opportunity to develop their skills in the motor industry.

The Toyota programme works to prepare young people for the world of work; it creates opportunities to secure a job, apprenticeship or vocational programme.

The programme also offers specific support to improve:

  • The quality of a young person’s CV.
  • Interview skills.
  • Maths, English and IT Skills with Burton College.
  • How young people present themselves as potential employees.

In 2016, 10 young people from YMCA Derby joined the programme to learn what it would be like to work for a large organisation. Toyota principles were covered as well as work placements in Human Resources, Information Systems and with on-site contractors.  These included Sodexo (on-site catering), Securitas (on-site security) and Green Metals (on-site waste disposal).

During the programme, six young people found employment or furthered their development in other activities. The remainder continue to seek employment.  A celebration following completion of the programme took place in a ceremony at the SMMT headquarters in London.

All students who successfully meet the course requirements will:-

  • Receive a recognised QCF qualification
  • Attend the local Derby Graduation Ceremony at Toyota
  • Attend the National Graduation Ceremony in Westminster, London
  • Receive a minimum £100 grant to support future job and college course applications
  • Receive a reference from the programme.