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The Auris Hybrid, the Auris Hatchback, the Auris Touring Sports and the conventional Auris - all are built in the UK with many parts and materials supplied by UK companies. Each model offers outstanding value, safety, economy and performance. What's more, because they're 'homemade' in Britain, turnaround on orders and delivery time can be reduced.

Auris Hybrid

Auris Touring Sports



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TMUK Charitable Trust

Through the social contributions programme, over £5.5 million has been donated to charities and organisations by Toyota.

Lean Approach Seminars

Come directly to the source at our Burnaston state of the art manufacturing facility and learn more about Toyota's approach to manufacturing.

TOYOTA Glossary

Find the meaning behind the common terms used by Toyota.

TOYOTA and The Environment

At every stage of a vehicle's life, Toyota strives to protect the environment through reducing energy use and minimising waste.